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Car rental with a driver

In recent years, the demand for car rental services with a driver has increased significantly. It is much more convenient to travel around the city and country by car than by public transport. The ability to use your own vehicle is not always available. In addition, in many cases, the person cannot get behind the wheel. In such cases, the best solution would be to rent a car with a driver. Such services on favorable terms are provided by our company. They allow you to get at the disposal of the car even in the absence of a driver’s license. Our company has a large private fleet of cars of various classes.

Who benefits from car rental with a driver

The service is in demand among people who want to move around Kiev or a country with maximum comfort. The offer is in great demand among business people who need to make a large number of business trips. Not everyone drives a car. In additional point is that the long road tires. The presence of the driver gives you the opportunity to relax on the way or prepare for the next business meeting by reviewing the documents. A presentable car with a driver will highlight the status of a businessman at a business meeting. Often, business interests require a trip to another city for one day. A round trip and a business meeting in one day is a huge burden. A car with a driver in such a situation is the best solution.

Rental services are beneficial for foreigners and any person who does not know the city well, but must get to the meeting on time. Transfer services from the airport to the hotel and back are also in demand. One way transfer is possible both in Kiev and in Ukraine. Cars with drivers are necessary for organizing weddings and other events where guests are offered alcoholic drinks. It is impossible to get behind the wheel after such events, the presence of sober drivers is a guarantee that all the guests will be delivered home safely and safely.

Advantages of car rental with a driver

Renting is cheaper than regular taxi rides. Rental services make it possible not to waste time waiting for the car to be delivered. Our clients are absolutely sure that they will get to the meeting or to any other place they need on time. In addition, not all taxi services are closely monitoring the technical condition of the fleet. Drivers often smoke in the cabin, do not differ friendliness, the seats may be dirt left by previous passengers. We offer for rent only technically sound machines. We guarantee the cleanliness of the passenger compartment, the absence of smell of tobacco and other extraneous odors. A trip with a polite driver will leave you only pleasant impressions.

Our drivers are well aware of the city, have a great driving experience, drive in compliance with the rules of the road. Without a good knowledge of the city and traffic intersections, there is a great risk of getting stuck in traffic or getting lost. The result of such an error may be a significant delay in a business meeting (it may have to be postponed for another time, which does not have the best effect on business reputation).

All cars from the fleet of our company are in excellent technical condition. They regularly undergo maintenance, tires change in a timely manner. The tenant does not need to take care of repairs and other problems. You simply tell the driver where you need to be taken, and enjoy a comfortable ride. In the event of a breakdown that cannot be repaired on site, a replacement vehicle is provided.

Our drivers strictly follow the rules of the road, drive carefully so as not to put passengers at risk. However, on the road, not everything depends on the driver, other road users can also cause an emergency. In the event of an accident, the passenger does not bear any responsibility; if necessary, he will be promptly provided with another car.

Cars are rented for various classes, so it is possible to choose the best option for a particular case.

Take advantage of our company’s services to fully enjoy comfortable and safe trips.