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Rent of a car for a long term

Car rental in our country is a highly sought-after service. Our company offers a large selection of cars for hire, not only for a short time, but also for a long time (from 3 months). The service is provided on favorable terms (the longer the period of using the service, the lower the cost of one day rental).

Who benefits from car rental for a long term

If a person does not have his own car, but he wants to move around the city or country comfortably, renting a vehicle for a long time is the best solution. Traveling by public transport takes a lot of time. In addition, even one such trip can often spoil the mood for the whole day. It is expensive to use taxi services all the time. If during the day you need to visit several locations in the cities, waiting for a taxi can cause a violation of work schedules, being late for business meetings. Also the rental will come to the help in the event that your own car has been broken and its repair will take a long time.

In most cases, individual entrepreneurs and small companies need one or several cars to work effectively. Without them, it is difficult to do business and make good profits. Buying your own car or buying a whole fleet for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses is often not affordable. Taking a vehicle on credit is risky and not always justified, since it incurs additional costs for paying interest. In addition, if the business is small and is just starting to grow, the entrepreneur cannot be sure that he will be able to pay the loan on time. In such cases, long-term rental is the best solution. The cost of such a service is available and will not create a significant burden on the business.

Advantages of a long term rent

A good car of business or premium class is quite expensive. If such a purchase in the coming years is impossible, this is no reason to deny yourself in comfortable trips. Rental gives you the opportunity to ride a few months or a longer time on the car you have dreamed of all your life.

The cost of maintenance and insurance is borne by the landlord, so the tenant is exempt from unnecessary costs and problems. Registration of the contract will take about 15 minutes, a minimum of documents is required, bureaucratic formalities, as in the case of re-registration of the vehicle, are absent. Immediately after signing the contract, the car comes at the full disposal of the tenant.

When concluding a contract for a long period, the cost of one day of using the car is significantly lower than in the case of rental for several days. Therefore, such services are available for many people and for small developing companies. Large selection of cars of various classes makes it possible to choose the best car in accordance with the budget.

You can arrange a rental at any time when a car is required. To guarantee to rent a car of the desired model, you should book it in advance.

Operative leasing

This type of leasing is a long-term rental of a vehicle without its subsequent purchase. During the lease, the car remains on the balance sheet of our company, but the renter receives it at its full disposal and can use it at its own discretion. After the expiration of the contract, the vehicle is returned to the owner. There are no obligations for the further purchase of cars. The only requirement for the renter is compliance with the conditions of the vehicle. Its characteristics and condition at the time of return must be the same as at the time of the conclusion of the rental contract. The term of the contract, if necessary, may be extended.

We always go to meet the wishes of the client, we try to satisfy all his desires, to quickly solve the problem in case of its occurrence. Call our managers to get detailed advice on all rental issues. You can reserve a selected car directly on the site. To do this, you must fill out a special form.