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Rental of an economy class car

The car has long ceased to be luxuriousness, it is a means of everyday transportation through the city. If your own vehicle is not available, the car rental in Kiev will come to the rescue. Our company offers a great choice of economy class cars on favourable terms.

Advantages of rental services of economy class cars

Inexpensive cars are appropriate for city driving. They have small dimensions, which make it easy to manoeuvre in a car stream, and to park almost anywhere. In such a car you can quickly and safely get to any place of the city.

The engine, as a rule, has a small capacity, which makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption and save money. The economy class vehicle is not inferior in performance to more prestigious cars. Casual driving in urban environments does not involve overcoming significant obstacles, off-roads or a rattling good speed. Maintenance and repair of such cars are inexpensive, consequently, the car rental has an affordable price. Even active trips around the city will not work significant harm to the budget.

Our car fleet

Car rental of economy class – is one of the priorities of our company. The most popular models are VW Polo, Skoda Fabia and Ford Fiesta.

VW Polo is a reliable and practical inexpensive car. Convenient automatic transmission and reinforced suspension can cope with the handling a vehicle, even novice drivers. This brand has a low fuel consumption, so it is optimally suited for driving over long distances. In city conditions, an important advantage is the compact dimensions that allow you to park the car anywhere.

Skoda Fabia has a manual transmission and a medium engine. Capacious trunk allows you to carry a large number of things as may be required. Its capacity can be increased by transforming the rear seat. The interior design is minimalistic, not overloaded with unnecessary details. Manual transmission provides good handling under unfavourable weather conditions.

Ford Fiesta has a streamlined form, good maneuverability. At speed, this model shows excellent handling. It is best suited for driving on city streets and on the highway. The car is equipped with a manual transmission. Comfortable saloon provides convenience both to the driver and passengers.

Hyundai Accent with automatic transmission and a small engine provides comfortable and economical movement through the city. Moreover, this model has a capacious trunk and a simple control system. The control panel has all the necessary functions for a comfortable ride around the city and long journeys.

How to rent a car

Execution of the contract takes a minimum of time. To arrange everything as quickly as possible, you must leave an application on our website or contact the company’s employees telephonically. By phone you can also get detailed advice on any questions. If necessary, company employees will help you choose a car that fully meets all the requirements and wishes of the client. To rent an economy class car, you will need a passport, driver’s license and Tax ID. It is advisable to send scanned copies of documents so that company employees prepare a contract in advance. In this case, it remains only to sign the contract, and the car will immediately be made available to our client (it is possible to order transfer services that are charged separately).

5 reasons to make use of our company services:

  1. Wide choice of cars.

  2. Transparent pricing.

  3. Comfortable location of the office.

  4. Additional services for your comfort.

  5. Excellent technical condition of all cars.

Car rental without a driver is the best solution in any situation when you need to make many drives through the city. Effecting of rent requires a minimum of time.