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Rental of SUVs

Do you need an impressive car for journeys or business meetings? The rental of SUVs from our company will be a perfect solution. We offer a good many of models that is why every driver will be able to choose for himself the best option. If necessary, company employees will help you to choose a car that meets all your requirements. Registration of contracts for car rental takes a minimum of time.

SUVs have a number of advantages over other types of cars. They have a stylish appearance and all modern functionality necessary for a comfortable drive. The spacious passenger compartment allows you to comfortably accommodate the whole family or a large company. Most models have a commodious trunk. High ground clearance makes it possible to overcome various obstacles, drive off-road without the risk of damaging the car. There are also security systems. Car fleet Pirel is in excellent technical condition, so the selected car will be made available to the client without delay.

Our offers for clients

Offroader Kia Sportage is suitable for suburban journeys and for drives through the city. This car is very powerful; there is also a commodious trunk. Perfect dynamics and elegant design make this car the best choice for both men and women.

NISSAN JUKE is a powerful four-door SUV. Thanks to the soft running gear, the car confidently overcomes any obstacles. The vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, multi-steering wheel, motion control system and other modern options to increase comfort and safety. Bright design makes this model especially attractive for women.

Another car that is perfect for a confident lady is Nissan Qashqai. The striking design, excellent aerodynamics and intelligent control systems make it possible to get maximum pleasure from driving. The saloon is spacious and comfortable, there is a commodious trunk. Undercarriage is reinforced.

Hyundai Tucson stands out for its ergonomic interior, powerful engine and challenging design. The car is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. A car will make drives across country a real pleasure.

All-wheel drive car Subaru Forester puts up a good performance on the roads, has a quick start and a good turning radius. The spacious saloon provides a comfortable environment both for the driver and passengers.

Mitsubishi Outlander harmoniously combines impeccable design, ergonomics, high level of comfort and great power. The car feels great in any road conditions.

VW TOUAREG will suit strong, self-confident men who love big machines for cross-country. This model is equipped with an optimized suspension, powerful engine, automatic transmission, multi-steering wheel with power steering.

HYUNDAI SANTA FE is ideal for long journeys and country trips. Comfortable passenger compartment provides the comfort of drivers and passengers. All the specifications of the car are displayed on dashboard.

SUV Mercedes ML350 allows you to drive with comfort, even under the most difficult road conditions. There is a multifunctional steering wheel, automatic transmission, protection system.

Lexus GX460 is suitable for those who like to travel with family or with a large company. The spacious saloon is designed for 6 passengers. Multi-steering wheel has a smooth motion, the car is very sensitive to handling, even on high speeds.

Toyota Prado is a good choice for driving in urban and off-road conditions. High ground clearance, wide tires and a gearbox with limited slip differential, 4×4 all-wheel drive allow the driver to feel confident. Aggressive design is suitable for strong and confident men.

Toyota Land Cruiser will suit those who love heavy big cars. This car is the best variant for business meetings and long trips. Solid interior design and the availability of modern options will make every drive as comfortable as possible. Jeep rental gives you the opportunity to get such a car at your disposal for the required period.

The stylish design of Toyota Rav4 will especially catch a fancy of representatives of fair sex. Adjustable seats provide comfort both to the driver and passengers; there is also a capacious trunk. The car is characterized by excellent handling, including on off-roads.

Make use of our company’s services of SUV rental and enjoy comfortable, safe driving!